We came to spend time at the Beach but first we need to Renovate …From the inside out…we have been gutted…..

Which is fabulous! That means we are right on track with our plans for the overall renovation of Culburra Beach Motel

We have just crossed over the 2 year mark of our Culburra Beach Motel journey. Coming from a completely different background, Grant has retired from the NSW Fire Brigade after 31 years and decided on a lifestyle closer to the Beach… But first he has a bit of work to do !  Gut the rooms, Gyprock the walls, new Carpet, Flooring, New Kitchens, Air Conditioning, Painting, Tiling and then we restocked the room, with new King Beds, Lovely New Blankets and Bedspreads, Fabulous Firm and Super Soft Pillows ,along with the new furniture and Stage One is complete !

Everyone, including the Grandchildren have been lending a hand, to strip the rooms completely and build a fresh new room. Jamie Leigh loved to follow Poppa around especially in amongst the tools.

We have been receiving fabulous feedback not only about the look of the new rooms but how functional they are ! There has been lots of late checkouts due to how comfortable the New King Beds are !

The well stocked Kitchens have been well received as well as the air conditioning.


We love that Culburra Beach Motel is only 10 rooms and that we get to personally meet and greet each of our guests. We are now enjoying more repeat Guests and it is lovely to see the familiar faces returning.

We work hard every day to fulfil our motto, Great Service, Great Price, Great Holiday !


We came with a plan and we are pleased to say that in-between going to several Beaches out of the 100 Beaches that are on offer here, we have managed to finish stage one of the Renovations.

But we must not forget stage 2 of the Renovations….. More to come…